Safety Guidelines for posting and purchasing items

  • Never pay someone you are not familiar with.   No matter how good it sounds or feels make sure you have verified the seller.   If in doubt ask someone to help you with this.
  • Never give your private information over the internet unless the site is secure or you are familiar with it.  Especially never give out bank account numbers or any other way of someone else directly accessing your finances.  Secure sites will start with an address of HTTPS or will have some lock symbol on it.  
  • Never click on a link you are not familiar with.   This is a best practice when using the internet.  Bad actors are getting more cleaver in trying to get you to click on a link.   Best to ignore it even if they say you have won, or to click to find your shipping information for something recently purchased.


  • Never ask for any private information from a potential buyer via this website (bank account, credit cards, debit cards, e-mail, etc).   Purchasing arrangements should be made in person or via communication channel that is safe and known between the buyer and the seller.  You may type your phone or e-mail address (no links) to establish safe communications between you and your buyer.
  • Never include any links of any kind in your posting (websites, e-mail links, etc.).   These are known tools used by bad actors who may be trying to gather private information for malicious purposes.  Therefore, as a best practice we won't allow it on this site.
  • Postings that do not comply with these guidelines will be removed for everyone's safety.