About Our Social Club

Pine Hills Social Club Board

     PRESIDENT- Bill Holliday
     VICE PRESIDENT- Debbie Bearse

- Chris McCoach  
SOCIAL CHAIR - Sandy Coffey

     TREASURER- Neil Sivek 

     WEB CONTENT- Don Faust 
     SECRETARY - Rita Holliday

History of Pine Hills Social Club

In September 2016 when the first residents of the Village of Pine Hills were meeting at the pool, there was some discussion of starting a Social Club.  The new residents contacted the Villages Government Resources Department in order to obtain information regarding starting a social club in Pine Hills. Residents volunteered to work on certain aspects of organizing all the required paperwork, crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s to meet all of the regulations for starting a social club. When all of the requirements were satisfied a volunteer Board of Directors was formed. Social activities were planned, tickets were sold for monthly events and Pine Hills Social Club was up and running. The Pine Hills Social Club social events are a great place to get together with friends and neighbors, meet new people and have a great time.

The names of the people who came up with the concepts, secured the paperwork necessary and planned our club while sitting around the pool were the following:

Bilma Glester
Judie Ershen
Anita Rateike
Mystery person

Judie said they all sat at her kitchen table for meetings. There were just these four women who started it all. 

Eventually, they decided to create a board with officers, etc. The following people formed a board and were at the helm for about two years. 

David Merrick, President 
Linda Vasseur, Treasurer 
Susan Harwood, Secretary & Membership 
Mark Goldberg, Webmaster
Terri Mc Arthur, Social Chair
Carol Heap, Patio Parties & Social Committee